Photography: Joshua Feala

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Wisconsin-based composer Draven R. Stedman has been making atmospheric emo music since 2015 under the Tsunxmi name. Drawing influence from such disparate places as Tim Hecker, uplifting trance and the Midwest emo scene, their work uses droning textures and searing harsh noise to create emotional, often intense atmospheres.

Originating as a vaporwave project, Tsunxmi quickly started applying the techniques of vaporwave in increasingly denser and more textured ways, until deciding in late 2016 to start writing original compositions instead of using samples. They recently finished a trilogy of intensely emotional releases drawing on themes of death, mental illness and grief, along with working on material for their collaborative project with their boyfriend under the name Midnight Express.

Tsunxmi has just finished their sixth full-length release, entitled New Life Now which centers around themes of rebirth, recovery and growth. Pre-order below today.