"Sequel" by KPT is Available Now + FREE Gift


"Sequel", the latest single from the oft-praised KPT, is a chilling instrumental that grinds and broods before contorting into its cathartic finale.
The “Sequel” release is delivered on an Enhanced CD with special packaging and limited edition bonuses. It includes a decadent 7+ minute tech-house mix from DJ ESP (aka Woody McBride), mixes from peer-in-noise MAKR (Marijuana Deathsquads, To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, Father You See Queen), DEATHDANCE (KPT project with label-mate Augustus Watkins) and an aggressive, synth-laden industrial throwback from Sweat Boys (WI).
The release also finds KPT embracing his cinematic side, including a short film shot with collaborators in 3 countries and 4 continents (yes, you read that properly).

“Sequel” is available now online and at all of your favorite retailers.

Photography: Heather Domeier

Photography: Heather Domeier

People who've purchased "Sequel" have received an additional FREE download of the LIVE performance, recorded 01/07/18 during the release event in Minneapolis. No one, aside from our true supporters has this version of the song.

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