Noise Artist Tsunxmi Joins / Get the FREE Single Now

Atmospheric Composer Tsunxmi joins GIVE/TAKE

Tsunxmi is perhaps best known for Pictures of You and Ephemera (via Bludhoney), two tapes which quickly sold out based on the strength of the albums' daunting synthscapes, stark, dreamlike melodies, and ambitious compositions; as well as Tsunxmi's own presence in the vibrant vaporwave community.

We're beyond excited to present Tsunxmi's latest work and have arranged a brand new FREE single for your listening pleasure. From their forthcoming masterpiece New Life Now, we present "Caitlin Ryan":


Active since 2015, Tsunxmi draws influence from such disparate places as Tim Hecker, uplifting trance and the Midwest emo scene, using droning textures and searing harsh noise to create emotional, intense compositions. Tsunxmi is finalizing their sixth full-length, New Life Now which reflects rebirth, recovery and growth.

Photo: Joshua Feala