Bijou Noir Exclusive: Cold Winter

On 11/09/18, as a follow-up to their debut LP “We Are Alone Together”, Bijou Noir has released a FREE song exclusively for Give/Take mailing list Members.

Not available to the general public.

About Cold Winter

“"Cold Winter" was recorded during sessions for "We Are Alone Together." I was thinking about what happens to our summer flings as we prepare to endure another brutal winter. Some of you may be asking yourselves the same question this year...

Like a lot of my work, "Cold Winter" examines the choices we make against the backdrop of the forces that we are subject to - in this case weather, climate and biology. Also, like a lot of my work, I don't want to offer up any answers. It's your job to navigate this for yourself. This winter, remember to be honest with yourself, and communicate truthfully with those around you. You'll make it through the cold. We always do.”

-Augustus Watkins, Bijou Noir

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